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Wellness Plan Fact Sheet


Lincoln Parish Schools 2017-18

School Wellness Recap

Federal mandate

Passed by legislature in 2015; effective June 30, 2017

Promoting healthy nutrition and exercise to increase student academic learning

District has a plan; each school has a plan


Components of the School Wellness Plan

District Wellness Committee (DWC)

School Wellness committee (SWC)

Promoting healthy nutrition

Promoting physical activity

Other activities to promote school wellness


District Wellness Committee

Meets at least 4 times per year to establish goals for and oversee school health and safety policies and programs

School policy coordinators at each school will be responsible for implementation and school evaluation of choosing healthy meals and snacks, as well as ensuring compliance of district and school policy


Wellness Policy Implementation, Accountability, and Community Engagement

Develop and implement the plan

Retain records to document compliance

Inform families and public of implementation status

Evaluate compliance in all schools every 3 years

Update school and district wellness plan every 3 years

Promote awareness of choosing healthy nutrition and exercise



School meals promote and provide healthy choices

Food service staff are trained in USDA Professional Standards for Nutrition

Water is available in cafeterias encouraging hydration

Competitive Foods and Beverages commitment of foods and beverages supporting healthy eating habits

Celebrations and Rewards smart snacks, rewards, and incentives

Fundraising use non-food fundraisers when possible

Nutrition Promotion embed nutrition into classes

Health Education include topics on healthy eating

Food and Beverage Marketing in Schools teach how to make healthy choices, and foods and beverages in vending machines should meet USDA Smart Snacks in school standards

Physical Activities

Promote 60 minutes of physical activity each day (before, during, & after school)

Physical Education use curriculum to promote healthy habits

Elementary students have at least 60-90 minutes weekly of physical activity

Secondary students will take the equivalent of 1 academic year of physical education

Health Education required in all grades (choose minimum of 12 topics on page 10)

Recess 20 minutes daily; do not use as punishment

Outdoor Recess offer when weather permits

Classroom Physical Activity Breaks encourages 3-5 minutes of daily breaks throughout the day

Active Academics incorporate movement into core instruction

Before and After School Activities encourage students to be as active as possible

Active Transport encourage students to walk or bike during their free time


Other Activities that Promote Student Wellness

Community Partnerships which encourage healthy eating and exercise

Community Health Promotion & Family Engagement promote family and healthy options

Staff Wellness and Health Promotion provides wellness resources

Professional Learning help district staff understand connections between academics and wellness